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Tom Cruise to lead THE MUMMY reboot; Angelina Jolie wanted for BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

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It looks like Tom Cruise is going to be battling the Mummy! And no, I’m not talking about Leah Remini! (Too soon?!).

Variety reports that Universal have tapped the three time Oscar nominee as the male lead in their upcoming reboot of The Mummy. The film, which is to be directed by Alex Kurtzman, is supposed to be the start of Universal’s newly rebooted shared movie monster universe (Sorry, Dracula Untold, but you’ve been kicked to the curb) which will eventually also include Frankenstein, The Wolfman and more, who will all then pull an Avengers and show up together in a crossover movie.

It’s a big gamble, so tapping Cruise may just be a wise move. He may be a couch destroying nutjob, but there’s no denying his movie star credentials. And coming off the highs of both Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Edge of Tomorrow, he has a lot of blockbuster momentum behind him right now. Plus, he’s already been attached to Universal’s monster movie library, as he was once set to star in a reboot of Van Helsing before it got retooled and folded into the shared movie universe plans.

At the moment, it’s unknown who Cruise will play in the film, but we do know that this Mummy will be set in modern times, unlike the previous Brendan Fraser led movies. It has also been revealed recently that this Mummy may actually be, well, a mommy, as Kurtzman and fellow producer Chris Morgan – together they are developing the entire universe – are apparently screentesting both male and female actors and will cast whomever they feel is best for the role, irrespective of gender.


And speaking of female monsters, it would seem that Tom Cruise is not the only Hollywood A-lister in Universal’s sights. During a story about the box office earnings of the Angelina Jolie directed/starred By The Sea, THR mentions that Universal is eyeing Jolie to lead their reboot of The Bride of Frankenstein. Jolie was apparently not sold on the idea, which is why Universal agreed to distribute the arty and experimental By The Sea as a way of strengthening their relationship and sweetening the deal.

By the Sea has of course since gone to be a massive box office disaster though, so it’s uncertain if that will affect Universal’s intentions. I’m kind of hoping that it doesn’t, as Jolie would actually be a great fit for The Bride of Frankenstein. She has that macabre physical intensity down pat, and since Bride may not be as well-known to modern audiences as some of the other titles in Universal’s classic movie monster library, her marquee-worthy name will certainly help to pull in audiences. Let’s just hope they don’t go all meta and cast Brad Pitt as Frankenstein’s monster! Although, now that I mention it…


Last Updated: November 25, 2015

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