Tom Cruise's ALL YOU NEED IS KILL gets a new name and comic con poster

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Man, Hollywood sure does enjoy changing movie titles lately. While I still eagerly await The Smurfs 2 to be renamed to ‘A waste of money and time in blue CGI paint’, it looks like Tom Cruise will also be experiencing a title change. The Doug Liman directed sci-fi action flick All You Need is Kill will now be known as Edge of Tomorrow, and to celebrate that, there’s a snazzy new poster to go along with it. More details after the jump.


Set in future world where humanity is fighting yet another losing battle against alien powerhouses (Dammit, we suck at intergalactic warfare), Edge of Tomorrow stars Cruise as inexperienced Lt. Col. Bill Cage, thrown into a suicide mission and dying quicker after his first battle with a Mimic than my cell phone reception in the Karoo. Thing is, Cruise has somehow managed to take one of these Mimics down with him, and in the process, get caught in a time loop that has him fighting the same battle every day and dying each time.

But each death gives him a bit more skill, a bit more experience until Cruise is finally a bonafide military badass, seeking a way out of his eternal conflict, with Emily Blunt at his side as the equally lethal Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski.

Here’s the new poster for that film with the brand new title:


That’s badass. Edge of Tomorrow is out next year June, and with that new name, should be a tad less confusing for unknowing audiences.


Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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