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Top List Thursdays – Top Eight batshit crazy Nicolas Cage performances

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I freakin’ adore Nicolas Cage, in the same way that a fat kid enjoys a box full of Twinkies. Bad for your health at first, but worth it in the long-run. Nicolas Cage used to be a household name, a bankable movie star who popped up in high budget flicks.

These days, the Cage-meister seems content to pop up in any movie, and moreso, to devote as much energy as possible to his role instead of phoning it in. And that’s awesome. What’s even more awesome however, is that Cage has made a career of bringing an A-game of high octane craziness to his career. Here’s ten of the more memorable performances from his highlight reel.

  • Ghost Rider – The transformation

Here’s an example of Cage as not only a crazy actor, but a fantastically insane physical actor in 2007’s Ghost Rider. I have no idea what it feels like to be set on fire, but Cage nails it, as he goes from anguished burn victim to straight-up pyromaniacal lust, giggling all the way while an epic orchestra mouths off some vowels. And this is one of the tamer instances of a movie being “Caged”.

  • Kick-Ass – Kryptonite

Oh man, Cage just can’t seem to get enough of being set on fire. And it’s freaking hilarious, in all the wrong ways, to hear Cage screaming while he happens to be burning to death. But there’s just something magical about his high-pitched delivery of his final lines in Kick-Ass, that make this scene so damn memorable.

  • The Wicker Man – You have to ask?

Here’s the funny thing: For the first five seconds, Cage reacts exactly as I’d expect anyone to react when they’re having a swarm of bees introduced to their face. Past that mark however, and Cage starts dipping into his bukcet of crazy, as he attempts to actually eat the bees. That happen to be pure CGI.

  • Vampire’s Kiss – EVERY.SINGLE.SCENE

Vampire’s Kiss is a trainwreck of a movie. A gorgeous wreck in slow motion, where you can’t help but gawk at every single scene starring Cage as he chews scenery like an actor without a firm hand to keep him in place. It’s essentially the Freddy Got Fingered of vampire movies.

  • Bad Lieutenant – His soul is still dancing

Teaming director Werner Herzog with Nicolas Cage is like lacing LSD with shrooms: A recipe for crazy. Bad Lieutenant has its fair share of moments, but none of them tops Cage as he gleefully urges his ganster pals to pop a few extra rounds into a strongarm who bit off more than he could chew. And it’s that creepy glare from Cage, that just sells an otherwise mental scene.

  • Matchstick men – Freak out!

Cage doesn’t get enough love for his freak-outs in his films. It’s an art-form that few people can accurately get across, and when you’ve got to add several neuroses, hang-ups and mental issues to the mix, it’s even more challenging.

But in one perfect scene, Cage absolutely nails what it feels like to get on the wrong side of an OCD-maniac who happens to be straight out of patience with a local pharmacist.

  • Gone in 60 Seconds – Lowrider

Gone In 60 Seconds is actually a pretty tame flick. Nicolas Cage, several other actors, a standard script and flashy cars combined for an enjoyable romp. But watching Cage have a religious moment to Low Rider? Well alright then chaps, move slowly towards the door.

  • Face-Off – These pills are awesome

Even though he spends most of the film as a sour-faced cop with the wrong face attached to his skull, Cage was at his best when he was portraying super-criminal Castor Troy, a man so vile and so violent, that walking around without any skin was seen as a mere Tuesday for him. How about those pills, huh? They’re f***ing great!

Last Updated: September 3, 2015

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  1. James Francis

    September 4, 2015 at 08:09

    ” It’s essentially the Freddy Got Fingered of vampire movies.”

    I’ve heard of it. Now I gotta watch it.


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