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There may be a year to go before Batman V Superman hits the screen, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start speculating. Speculating in a way that only our modern technology can allow us to. So sit back, pause at various frames in the latest trailer for Batman V Superman and get ready to take a screenshot or two. Because it’s time to analyse us a trailer!

Batman V Superman (1)

“Is it really surprising that the most powerful man in the world should be a figure of controversy?” That’s one of the opening lines in the trailer, as it slowly pans towards a fallen statue of Superman. Take note of the city itself though: There’s no chance whatsoever that this is Metropolis, a mere two years after Superman and Zod P-klapped their way through most of it and left the massive hub of commerce as nothing more than a smoking crater in the ground.

Batman V Superman (2)

Judging by all the face-paint on show here, either Superman is at a Punisher fan convention or he just landed in Mexico during their Day Of The Dead celebrations. And it looks like everybody is trying to grab a touch of their new savior.

Batman V Superman (3)

The statue-panning continues, as I check IMDB to see if any Batman V Superman scenes were shot at Rhodes University. Amidst all that, there’s a growing cacophony of voices coming through, highlighting fear, aliens and people being afraid for what the future holds.

Batman V Superman (4)

Jebus, Superman is ridiculously strong, as he flexes what appears to be a Russian spacecraft in a true display of strength.

Batman V Superman (5)

Take note here: This isn’t just a bunch of soldiers kneeling before their new messiah. They’re each wearing a Superman shield on their shoulders, but they also happen to look like modern shock troopers. Obviously, Superman has had one hell of an impact on the world around him.

Batman V Superman (6)

Do devils indeed come from the sky? That’s what the trailer asks, as a character that sounds suspiciously like Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor ponders the place of Superman in our world as either a hero or a potential menace.

Batman V Superman (7)

Back to the statue, and the voices are getting louder as they chant for Superman to “go home”.

Batman V Superman (8)

False god huh? I’d guess that the Man Of Steel might have a Ministry Of Steel following his every footstep.

Batman V Superman (9)

“That’s how it starts”, says Jeremy Irons in his unmistakable accent. How does what start exactly then for Bat-Fleck? I’m guessing super-intense brooding.

Batman V Superman (10)

I can’t stress how much I dig this new batsuit. There’s something primal and dark about it, while the symmetry of its design is purposefully off. Check the eye sections on the cowl, for an example. Clearly, Ben Affleck’s Batman is a tad bit unhinged. It’s also one hell of a beautifully lit shot.

Batman V Superman (11)

Batman, a dark area and what appears to be one of his vehicles that is parked near his Anti-Superman equipped suit. Check the column on the left as well: It has a very obvious Riddler marking on it.

Batman V Superman (12)

And that has to be the Batwing. It’s massive, loud and intimidating in just a few seconds. Just like Batfleck’s Batman.

Batman V Superman (13)

Wanna mess with Batman? Prepare to eat explosions then.

Batman V Superman (14)

A quick shot of the new Batmobile, as it drives its way through various Baysplosions. Much like the Nolan, Burton and Schumacher films, it looks like this Batmobile is going to be heavy on the real-world practical effects.

Batman V Superman (15)

I don’t words can properly emphasise how frigging huge Batfleck is. It’s like creatine runs through his blood, and his suit just reflects an older and bulkier Batman, as compared to the leaner versions of the caped crusader who came before him.

Batman V Superman (16)

I don’t know what Batman is doing right now as he broods over the city, but I’d bet my cowl that he happens to be holding a sniper rifle. Sweet Dark Knight Returns references!

Batman V Superman (17)

Loving the battle-suit. It’s another Dark Knight Returns reference, but just look at that suit. It’s covered in nicks and scratches, and it obviously has seen some use in the past.

Batman V Superman (18)

And now the trailer starts focusing on the differences between Batman and Superman. Which seem to involve variations in vertical alignment so far.

Batman V Superman (19)

Superman doesn’t exactly look like a symbol of hope here. In fact, he looks downright frightening. Still, Batfleck ain’t exactly trembling in his armour.

Batman V Superman (21)

“Tell me,” he growls in a voice that would put Christian Bale to shame, “do you bleed?” “BECAUSE YOU WILL!”

Batman V Superman (20)

And that’s the part of the trailer where Batman feels more like a demonic presence, before Superman lands and gets ready to fight. Thing is, Superman appears to have a lot more control over his powers now, barely shaking the ground as he lands. Should be a rad fight! Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is out next year.

Last Updated: April 20, 2015


  1. RinceThis

    April 20, 2015 at 13:28

    So much WIN!


  2. Ghost In The Rift

    April 20, 2015 at 17:28

    Its gonna be awesome, what i still want to know is how Batman takes a punch from Superman without loosing his head.


  3. David Weatherhead

    April 20, 2015 at 21:39

    That quick shot of Superman lifting what looks like a Russian Rocket may also be from Dark Knight Returns… It certainly to be the largest inspiration for this film…


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