Trailer and poster for The Bourne Legacy is out! Time to do some laundry!

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I love me some espionage action, so I have been patiently waiting for the next installment in the explosive Bourne saga, based on the Robert Ludlum spy novels. Now the official poster and trailer are finally here and lets just say that between this and the Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man trailers all released in the last few days, I’m going to be suffering from a clean underwear shortage real soon.

Matt Damon will not be returning for this fourth film, with Jeremy “I’m going to star in every action movie of 2012” Renner now taking the lead as another ass-kicking, brainwashed Treadstone agent. The film follows on from the conclusion of Bourne Ultimatum, picking up the pieces left behind by Jason Bourne’s actions in that film. Tony Gilroy – who up until this point has served as the series’ architect and screenwriter – will now be in the director’s chair. Gilroy previously directed the Clive Owen and Julia Robert romantic spy flick, Duplicity, as well as George Clooney in Michael Clayton to much fanfare.

But enough with these annoying words, let’s get to the bowel-movement inducing visuals!


If there was ever any doubts that Renner would be a worthy successor to Matt Damon’s badass amnesiac crown, then those should now all be summarily wiped away. Renner has that same ability to look completely ordinary and nondescript when a role calls for it, but immensely physically capable and believable in action sequences, which is exactly what the Bourne films are all about.

This is definitely one of my favourite trailers of the year thus far, and not just for all the impressive fisticuffs and gunplay. I just love the sliding strip motif, used both in the trailer and poster. It almost evokes the look of redacted documents, often found in the spy trade, except it’s reversed so that we can see beneath the strips while everything else is blacked out. Just like with what happened to The Social Network with their “walls of text over people’s faces” motif, I won’t be surprised if every espionage film to follow copies it.

Last Updated: February 9, 2012

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