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At just over two minutes in length, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer was a short burst of pleasure that did not disappoint this morning, unlike other quickies in your life. There’s a lot going on in that trailer however. Some of it may require re-watching. Some of it may require some explaining. Luckily, we’re nerdy enough to do just that.

We’ve broken the trailer into specific chunks, so let’s start off with the big bad himself…

  • Ultron

Avengers AOE (6)

What we know so far about Ultron, is that he has a deeper connection to Tony Stark than to Hank Pym in the upcoming Ant-Man flick. That’s not to say that Pym (who was his creator in the comics) won’t have a hand in the creation of this killer AI, but it was clearly waiting for Stark and more advanced technology before it could gain some form of freedom. A horrible, hodge-podge amalgamation of various Stark Tech parts kind of freedom that is.

Avengers AOE (7)

What’s also worth noting here, is that the first Ultron shell has one hell of a resemblance to its original design, with the fanged face and glowing mouth/eye area. Fortunately, it seems like director Joss Whedon is skipping the phase where Ultron looked like a massive vacuum cleaner.

Avengers AOE (1)

And naturally, Ultron will upgrade. Having James Spader voice the genocidal robot is one stroke of genius, but giving Ultron some human features such as eyes also allows for the character to be quite menacing.

Avengers AOE (12)

He’s also bloody massive. Expect the Hulk to have his hands full in a one on one fight with this robot.

  • Hulkbuster armour

Avengers AOE (16)

Ever since we saw the concept art, we’ve been waiting ages to see what the Hulkbuster armour looks like in action. And man oh man, it doesn’t disappoint as Stark jumps into the exo-suit.

Avengers AOE (17)

Avengers AOE (30)

Look at the size of that damn fist alone. Clearly, shooting in Jozi resulted in the cast demanding that the Hulkbuster armour have a P-klap mode.

Avengers AOE (27)

As shiny as it is though, it doesn’t matter much. Because the Hulk is still the Hulk. I’m looking forward to this fight scene in particular.

  • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Avengers AOE (29)

Remember, the only thing more fearsome than Ultron are the lawyers under the command of FOX if anyone drops an M-bomb. With X-Men Days Of Future Past, we got a particularly fun version of Quicksilver and a knockout scene that stole the film. Let’s see how  Aaron Taylor-Johnson handles the role.

Avengers AOE (19)

In fact, Taylor-Johnson is so fast, he can swap Chris Evan’s Captain America with a stunt double before you blink.

Avengers AOE (13)

Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch may just have the most challenging powers to put on the big screen. In the comics, they were defined as being based on chaos theory and Romanian hex blasts and other nonsense, before the switch was flipped and it was revealed that she could alter reality. That’s one hell of a power, and something that could level an entire battlefield if HYDRA manages to gain control of her completely.

Avengers AOE (20)

  • The cast

Avengers AOE (28)

I’m digging the new Captain America suit so far. A great blend of the World War 2 costume and the better elements from his first Avengers costume, which has resulted in him looking more like a super-soldier and less like a glorified acrobat.

Avengers AOE (9)

Although why he’s running around with out any protective head gear on, is beyond me. HYDRA shoots to thrill! And kill!

Avengers AOE (26)

The Black Widow is also getting a wardrobe upgrade. Her black ops suit is now more detailed, with various lines and threads running throughout it. Most likely all linked to her wrist-based stinger gauntlets.

Avengers AOE (8)

The Mark 43, a slight upgrade from the Mark 42 in Iron Man 3, but with more red. I like.

Avengers AOE (25)

And obviously Thor would have words with Stark over his decision to equip the world with a fleet of murder-bots that have suddenly gone rogue.

Avengers AOE (24)

Interesting note about Hawkeye here: His costume now also boasts elements which tie into to his original threads from his Avengers days. More archer, less SHIELD secret ops now.

Avengers AOE (23)

Look, if your massive Hulkbuster armour can’t stop a rampaging green steroid rage monster, then a redhead asskicker agent is your next best bet.

Avengers AOE (21)

So here’s Andy Serkis popping up. As Viking and Kervyn theorised, Serkis is a dead ringer for the master of sound, Ulysses Klaw. He’s also a notable dealer in the nigh-indestructible metal known as vibranium and a foe of the Black Panther, which is useful seeing as…


Cap done broke his shield yo. Well, first SHIELD, then his actual shield and I’m guessing a Shield speedstick next because bad things happen in threes.

Avengers AOE (15)

I’m guessing Nick Fury’s appearance ties into his secret mission to take down HYDRA, which leads the crew to one of their bases as hinted at early in the film.

Avengers AOE (14)

Once again, Thor is rocking the shorter sleeves look from the Asgardian fashion catalogue.

Avengers AOE (18)

There’s clearly been some more work done on the CGI Hulk model. He’s looking even more like actor Mark Ruffalo now, with the same teeth, some grey hair and general facial shape. But he also appears to have a more exaggerated forehead as well. He’s still rather angry, I’d imagine.

Avengers AOE (10)

“Th-th-that’s the thing Cap. I’m a-a-a-a-always c-c-c-c-c-cold.”

  • Locales

There’s a lot of great location shooting being done in the film, giving it a more international flavour. From Europe to a new Avengers Tower being set up:




Of course bugger all those places, we want to see more of the scenes that were shot locally!


The only realistic thing here in a scene that involves the organized and competent SAPS cops shooting at the Hulk in downtown Jozi, is the authentic trigger-happy nature of our police force.


And that’s all she wrote! Avengers: Age Of Ultron is now just a little over 6 months away. Which is still far, far too long to wait.

Last Updated: October 23, 2014

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