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This trailer for JACKIE will have you believing in fairy-tales

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It’s inevitable that almost every year, come award season, that the most likely candidates for awards will come from biopics and actors portraying real-life people. Which, I guess makes sense as it’s a lot easier to compare their performance with that of the actual person to determine whether they’ve done a good job again. It does seem a little unfair at times, but it can also show the measure of the actor. And its movies like this that justify that reasoning as well. With Natalie Portman seemingly nailing the look and mannerisms of Jacqueline Kennedy.

The first teaser trailer for the biopic Jackie, has arrived and gives us the first opportunity to have a look at the role which has been receiving a lot of Oscar buzz so far. And while I can’t speak for my knowledge of the former first lady, it does look like she has nailed it. Comparing photos between the two, it also looks like the film make-up crew has done a great job in making her look like the women she is playing as well.

And while the like of Jackie Kennedy was quite an eventful one, this film in particular focuses on the events surrounding the assassination of her husband John F Kennedy and the obvious subsequent turmoil it played in her life.

Biopics might not be the most exciting movies at the box-office, but this could be an interesting film to watch just for the quality of acting alone. The film has been receiving rave reviews from the Venice Film Festival where it was shown earlier this year and though Portman didn’t go on to win the acting prize, the film did get an award for best screenplay for Noah Oppenheim.

And this trailer actually looks better than imagined. While you expect a biopic to be pretty dull and drawn out, this is actually quite haunting and tragic. And that violin driven score alone can give you the creeps.

Portman is receiving the most attention in this role, but the supporting cast in the film looks suitably strong as well, with Greta Gerwig, Peter Sarsgaard, Max Casella, John Carroll Lynch, Billy Crudup and John Hurt. Jackie is directed by Pablo Larrain and will be released in the US on Dec 2, right in time for Portman to start prepping her award speeches.

Last Updated: October 7, 2016

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