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This trailer for LA LA LAND is about the future

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The last two trailers of La La Land (which can be viewed here and here) have highlighted that this upcoming musical is really trying to bring back the feel of the classic musical film to Hollywood. This film starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling has been receiving attention for all the right reasons with its glitzy, strong acting performances, but also some sparking direction by Damien Chazelle that certainly makes this musical appear quite breathtaking, at least visually.

We now have a 3rd trailer for the film. And while the first two trailers showed glimpses of the story set to one of the many songs performed in the film, this one is a little more traditional and features dialogue and better introduces us to the characters.

And that cheesy musical number aside this actually makes the film look even better. We finally get to see more of what the story is about and that it is more than just well-choreographed and shot scenes. There appears some real depth to its story and the characters. This trailer also shows off the more modern side to the classic musical feel that we’ve seen in the film so far, which hopefully will allow it to not just be seen as a recreation of those Hollywood musicals, but allow it to stand up on its own.

While releasing in December 16th internationally, the film is only expected in South Africa in the New Year unfortunately. You can read a full synopsis below:

La La Land is a surprising tribute to the golden age of American musicals, from An American in Paris by Vincent Minnelli to New York, New York by Martin Scorsese. It is a film that does not merely reinvent the musical genre, it gives it a brand new start. If Whiplash was the revelation of a new filmmaker, La La Land is his definitive, albeit precocious, consecration among the great directors of Hollywood’s new firmament.

Last Updated: November 4, 2016

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