Transformers 4 will have more action, less comedy

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So, earlier this week we found out that Michael Bay would indeed return to make a fourth Transformers film, scheduled for release in 2014. It’s unclear yet what direction the the thankfully Labeouf-less film will take though, as Paramount Film and an assorted legion of executive producers have kept film details under wraps so far.

Except some studio sources aren’t as tight-lipped, it seems.

Speaking to BadAssDigest, one source who claims to be close to the film production says that the latest Transformers film will take place directly after the events of the third film, and will not be a direct reboot as previously thought.

The “goofy, tone-deaf comedy bits” are reportedly being toned down, with director Michael Bay wanting the overall atmosphere of the film to be more like the final hour of Dark of the moon.

I’ve always lvoed the Transformers films, but hated Shia Labeouf and his increasingly obnoxious character of Sam Witwicky, always wishing that the sequels would have instead focused more on the military characters rather, instead of an irritating loud-mouth with entitlement issues that was constantly running into his campy parents.

Hopefully fourth times the charm for the robots in disguise.


Last Updated: February 16, 2012

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