TREMORS 5 starts filming in South Africa

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Who doesn’t love Tremors? It is probably the most widely-adored monster movie ever made and the only people who don’t like it simply haven’t seen it. Tremors was not only irrepressibly original with fun characters and subtle jabs at movie cliches, but it also introduced the Graboids, the giant worm monsters which eat anything that moves.

The original Tremors has been followed by a series of downward-sliding sequels, though only the fourth – a prequel – has really attracted the hatred of fans. Still, the series has lapsed into such obscurity that news of a fifth Tremors wouldn’t exactly be exciting – except it’s being filmed here in South Africa.

Shock Till You Drop broke the news:

Michael Gross, as previously reported, returns for his fifth appearance in the Tremors films alongside new cast member, Scream film series star Jamie Kennedy in this original release from Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production entity of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

There is also a single photo to gawk at, but it doesn’t reveal much either.


Tremors 5 will be released on DVD and VOD next year.

Last Updated: October 16, 2014


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