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Trevor had a very different fate in this unfilmed scene from IRON MAN 3

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Ladies! Children! Kervyn! Ready for another lesson? Before we start talking Iron Man 3, I just want to warn you all that spoilers follow, in case you have yet to see the film and managed to avoid the massive plot twist that the internet has tried its damndest to throw at your face.

Are you sufficiently warned? Well then, let’s talk about Trevor after the jump.

Whether you loved or hated it, there’s no denying that nobody saw the Mandarin plot twist coming in Iron Man 3. Everyone who worked on that film did a damn good job keeping that secret under wraps, and discovering that Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin was nothing more than a washed up actor with a terrible taste in football teams and could leave a bathroom with an odour bad enough to choke a donkey was surprising to say the least.

We don’t see much more of Trevor from that reveal point on, as he probably gets locked up in a minimum security SHIELD facility for the rest of his life. But in a deleted scene from Iron Man 3, he had a much more explosive final fate awaiting him. See for yourself, or read through the screen captures that I have provided because I dig you guys so much.

Trevor (1)


It’s nearly the end of the film. Tony and Rhodey are trying to stop Killian, but happen to find themselves outgunned and being chased down by several Extremis-enhanced soldiers.

Trevor (2)


Naturally, they’re boned at this point when all of a sudden…

Trevor (3)

Trevor shows up, with an empty syringe of Extremis. And that stuff is amazeballs according to him.


Trevor (4)

Trevor (5)

Trevor (6)

Naturally, Tony cannot believe how reality is shitting with him at this point.


Trevor (7)

Trevor (8)

Trevor (9)

Trevor (10)

Trevor (11)

Trevor (12)

Trevor (13)

Trevor (14)


Trevor (15)

You can thank storyboard artist Federico D’Alessandro for the explosive end to the other Mandarin. While most of those scenes did make it into the final cut of the film, it’s kind of sad that this scene never survived. But it worked out well enough in the end, and leaving Kingsley alive to maybe return to the role one day can never be a bad thing. In addition to that, here’s two more animatics that show off the work that went into getting the film ready for those climatic showdowns. Enjoy mates!

Last Updated: August 27, 2013

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