UK supermarket Sainsbury's try to sell old Captain America as new Captain America

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Look, I get it. It’s a dog-eat-dog-then-poop-out-dog-in-front-first-dog’s-bitch-then-hump-bitch world out there. Everybody needs to find a way to get their own little piece of the action. Especially when that action is the billion dollar grossing Avengers.

But this is just wrong. Like Star Wars Christmas Special wrong. It seems that some sneaky Hobbitses have found a way to cash in on the Avengers craze at the moment, and get rid of all that pesky old stock of a really bad 90’s superhero movie all at the same time. All it takes is a well placed sticker and some customers who wouldn’t know any better.

I do not want to be in little Tommy’s house when he gets home to find Gran had bought him a DVD to do with this whole newfangled Avengers thing he keeps on talking about. She will probably smile at him over the edge of a tea-cup as he begins to open the wrapping, sheer joy on his face. But there won’t be much smiles or joy once he tears off that orange sticker and is not greeted by the impossible chiseled jawline and baby blues of Chris Evans, but rather the “this is probably my last paycheck for a while” look of Matt Salinger.

Cue tears, screaming, school-yard massacre with a broken, jagged DVD. News at eleven.

All because Sainsbury was actually selling the original Captain America movie.The one from 1990. The one that sucked so bad that even David Hasselhoff’s Nick Fury points and laughs at it.

This one:

Why don’t you just go kick a puppy or something, Sainsbury?

(Source: Bleeding Cool)

Last Updated: May 15, 2012

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