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Universal inherits a VOLTRON live-action film from DreamWorks Animation

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As part of Universal Studios’ recent acquisition of DreamWorks Animation (via Universal owned ComCast), it appears it also inherited a live-action Voltron picture that had started development when Jeffrey Katzenberg ran the animation factory. The film is apparently being scripted by David Hayter, (X-Men and Watchmen) who is also famous as the voice of Solid Snake in the English versions of the Metal Gear Solid  video game franchise.

Katzenberg confirmed via Deadline that Hayter is writing the live-action project that started at DWA, which is also producing the animated series reboot Voltron: Legendary Defender for Netflix. For the uninformed Voltron was originally a classic Japanese anime series from the 1980’s that followed a group of astronauts who pilot lion-shaped ships that can combine to form a giant robot named Voltron. The anime was actually a combination of footage from different other Japanese shows spliced together, with “creators” Peter Keefe and John Teichmann simply making up the dialogue and story based on what they thought was happening (they didn’t speak Japanese). And somehow the resultant show didn’t just make sense, but was actually rather fun.

There has been no official comment from the studio on this news and given that it is an inherited project is probably still being considered by Universal before they decide to go ahead with it or not. However, with Voltron being rebooted recently in its original animated format, the timing is right for it. It would no doubt be an expensive production though, so not something the studio will greenlight unless that script is something feel is worth pursuing.


Personally, I’d love to see a live-action Voltron movie. I haven’t watched the recent Netflix reboot, but loved the series as a kid and think there is definitely enough story to work with to make a great movie out of it all. Yes, giant robots have since been covered in films such as Pacific Rim, but we can certainly do with more –especially one of the scale of Voltron.

I’m curious to see what other hidden gems DreamWorks were hiding that could eventually find their way to movie or TV audiences in the near future.

Last Updated: November 7, 2016


  1. Filmmaker

    November 8, 2016 at 11:30

    For Universal, this is a natural progression from the Fast & Furious franchise. Besides, they need these robots; they don’t have capes!


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