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Vince Vaughn is your daddy

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If you’ve ever been hard up on cash, guys, then heading off to a Sperm donation clinic is usually a quick way to make a few bucks, with the help of Mrs Palmer.

Vince Vaughn knows this in his next movie deal, as he prepares to havethea legal battle from hell on his hands, when we he finds out how perilous it is to donate sperm, when Starbuck begins filming.

Based on the French Canadian film of the same name, Starbuck has Vaughn as the lead, a midlife slacker who finds out that all his regular sperm donations, have helped father 533 children.

And now 142 of them, are legally demanding to know the identity of their father in a class action lawsuit, as his fertitlity clinic papers have him listed only as “Starbuck”.

So, it’s up to Vaughn to either ditch the responsibility, or man up and realise that Christmas is going to be murder on his bank account. Original director and co-writer Ken Scott is up for helming the film, while Dreamworks has given it the green light to be rushed into production

Vaughn already has a busy schedule, with roles coming up in Lay The Favourite and The Watch, as well as a reunion with Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson, in Interns.


Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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  1. Actually sounds really funny. Vaughn was at his epic best in Wedding Crashers and Swingers.


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