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Wait… Is Zack Snyder’s Justice League no longer a mini-series?

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Another week, another last minute wrinkle in the seemingly endless saga of The Snyder Cut of Justice League. Just as everything appeared to finally have been lined up for Zack Snyder’s long-awaited director’s cut re-release of the 2017 box office flop – which Snyder had to hand over to Joss Whedon to massively recut under Warner Bros.’s instructions – the filmmaker himself has now sown some confusion about the upcoming production’s release strategy.

When Snyder’s Justice League was officially announced last year, it was revealed that due to there being four hours worth of footage, it would be edited for release as a four-part miniseries with hour-long episodes. But over the weekend, while answering fan questions on social media site Vero (via ThePlaylist), Snyder appeared to indicated that it will instead be replaced as a single movie again.

Along with now claiming Justice League will be a “one-shot” again, Snyder also teased that the VFX work is just about done and we will get a new poster soon. But those are all small fry when compared to this surprising release strategy… unless there’s some confusion here.

From quite early on we’ve known that the plan was for a mini-series release first, and then to merge all the episodes together for a single four-hour-long feature film release sometime further down the line for the more hardcore fanbase. So is Snyder perhaps just confused here and referring to the latter? There’s been no official word from WB to confirm Snyder’s claims, but the same has been the case for the filmmaker’s assertion late last year that Justice League will be releasing on HBO Max in March. Surely, if it was going to hit screens in less than two months time, there would have been some kind of marketing push by now?

So maybe there is still some uncertainty about the format this release may take? Would normal viewers even want a four-hour-long movie version of this? I guess we’ll be finding out soon.

Last Updated: January 18, 2021

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