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The cast for WARCRAFT has been revealed

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It certainly is turning out to be a damn good day for news. Hot off the Wonder Woman announcement and some new trailers, we’ve now got Warcraft vying for some attention.  And to do so, they’re throwing some confirmed casting at your faces with +5 attention-grabbing.

PAULA PATTON at Disconnect Premiere
With just one more main actor needed, it looks like Warcraft has found its cast. According to SlashFilm, that line-up includes Ben “The Messenger” Foster, Travis “Vikings” Fimmel, Paula “Hitch” Patton, Toby “War Horse” Kebbell and Rob “True Blood” Kazinsky.

Dominic “Captain America” Cooper is also in the final stages of negotiating a contract, and will join Colin Farrell and everyone else. The film is shaping up nicely, with director Duncan Jones and several million producers looking to bring the Warcraft game franchise to the big screen.

Game developers from Blizzard will also be present for the movie, so expect something that could be the next big franchise in Hollywood, as the war between Orcs and Humans unfolds in 2016.

Last Updated: December 5, 2013

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