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WarCraft director Duncan Jones reveals how the rest of the film trilogy would have played out

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It was cheesy, the practical suits of armour were a glorious ode to power shoulders from the 1980s and the story made about as much sense as trying to figure out what the number six smells like, but hot damn did I enjoy Warcraft when it came out back in 2016. Taken at face value, it was brilliant stuff: Visually imaginative, nostalgic and just a good ol’ dollop of action with some impressive CGI characters thrown into the mix.

At the box office, it did alright at best. As of right now, the film has a global tally of $439 million, which wasn’t too bad at all. Taking the usual Hollywood calculator of a movie needing to make double its budget back to factor in the marketing costs associated with it (WarCraft had a $160 million filming budget), and there was some profit to be had once all the receipts had been tallied up.

The problem is, is that WarCraft’s primary American audience only accounted for a small portion of the box office returns. With a domestic gross of over $47 million, that number just wasn’t good enough to warrant a sequel. It’s a pity, as WarCraft ended on a great cliffhanger and director Duncan Jones had plans to continue the story with two more films that would have created an almighty trilogy. And you all know that Hollywood has a boner for its favourite prime number, three.

So what would those sequels have looked like? According to Jones (Spoilers ahead for a movie that is now four years old), the first sequel would have made good on the ending of the film. By the time the end credits had rolled, Not a massive genocidal cock and Orc chieftain Durotan would still be dead thanks to evil Orc warlock Gul’dan, alongside Alliance leader Anduin Lothar and the spellcheck on this post.

Anyway, Durotan’s son Go’el had been left in a basket in a river, was found by a human and would eventually grow to become Thrall, WarCraft’s legendary Orc hero. WarCraft 2: War Craft Harder would have charted the rise of Thrall, while WarCraft 3: Tokyo Drift would have focused on Thrall fulflling his father’s promise to find a new home for the Orcs.

So will those sequels ever see the light of day? Jones isn’t banking on it. “I have no idea,” Jones added, “and no one I worked with on the film even works at Blizzard anymore.” What a pity.

Last Updated: June 25, 2020

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