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Warner Bros developing new Attack on Titan live-action feature film adaptation

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It’s been about three and a half years since we last got some proper Attack on Titan (aka Shingeki no Kyojin) goodness. That’s a damn long time to wait for the new season of the incredible anime that took the world by storm when it premiered back in 2013. Especially since the thing meant to tide us over during that painfully long period, a two-part Japanese live-action feature film adaptation, turned out to be a titanic pile of poo.

But with an April season two premiere date and first teaser trailer revealed recently for Attack on Titan, fans finally have something to look forward to again. And now they may/may not have one more thing as Deadline reports that Warner Bros have picked up the rights to develop a new English-language live-action Attack on Titan feature film adaptation!

For the uninitiated, Attack on Titan is set in the distant future, where the last remnants of humanity are forced to live behind high-walled enclaves for fear of the Titans. These giant humanoids attack and eat humans around them seemingly without reason and had already wiped out most of humanity after they mysteriously appeared over 100 years earlier.

Trying to stave off the Titans are the military, the premium force of which are the Survey Corps – elite soldiers who make use of special swords and gas-powered harpoon harnesses known as “3D maneuvering gear” to battle the Titans beyond the walls. The story follows a batch of the latest young recruits to the Survey Corps, focusing on Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and childhood friend Armin Arlert. When a new type of Titan suddenly appears though, capable of knocking down the high walls that have always kept the Titans out, it kicks off a story that will see Eren and co making startling discoveries about the origins of the Titans and themselves.

The show is action packed with an unending stream of epic scenes, but what really brought it to many fans’ attentions was just how brutal and unforgiving it was. It’s been compared to Game of Thrones many times, for how willing the creators were to kill off characters in their cast. Often in the bloodiest, most jaw-dropping manner possible. That’s not usually a trait you would associate with a big budget Hollywood production, so we’ll have to see how closely this movie hews to its source.

The report from Deadline actually states that this new movie will be a remake of the Japanese live-action films, which I really hope is not the case. Those movies may have got the iconic look of the 3D maneuver gear action down, but the rest of it was not up to scratch with water down characterizations and weak scripting. The one thing it did get right though was to not try to jam an entire season’s worth of story into one movie, but rather splitting it over two parts. WB are seemingly following this same approach with two film’s being greenlit.

WB have also tapped Harry Potter franchise producer David Heyman as the one to oversee this development. Heyman’s inclusion does lessen my fears a bit, as he knows how to put together quality projects, but I’m still very cautious about this. What do you guys think? Want to see Hollywood tackle Attack on Titan? Or don’t you care as long as you get to watch the new season of the anime?


Last Updated: January 18, 2017

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