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Watch out for the neighbourhood in this new Red Band trailer

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Growing up, there were some pretty awesome actors who were just managing to get a break in the world of Hollywood. Ben Stiller delighted me as a sadistic retirement village warden in Happy Gilmore, while Vince Vaughn proved to be one of the greatest Swingers, of all time baby.

And then they began appearing in family friendly flicks, but who could blame them. Being big in LA means that you have some exotic and expensive tastes to finance. Probably.

But the idea of seeing Vaughn and Stiller, raw and uncut, alongside Jonah Hill and Richard “IT Crowd” Ayoade, remincising about condom sizes, bodily fluids and killing cows with death-ray technology?

I’m game for that kinda film.Once again, this is a red band trailer, so unless your boss is as eager as you are to see R Lee “FU Gomer Pyles” Emrey belt out a lithany of insults that would make the english language hide in a corner, while the Stiller and crew examine what may be alien semen, this may just be NSFW.

I’ll be honest with you here. I’m only going to go watch this film so that I can see more exploding cows and R Lee Ermey.


Last Updated: May 7, 2012

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