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Watch the rise, fall, and rise of a videogame giant in Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story

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When it comes to video games, the most iconic brand in the industry is easily Nintendo. Unless you’re far too young to remember the classic early days and you think that video gaming starting with the PlayStation that is. For the rest of us, for as long as video games have been a thing it’s likely that the name Nintendo and its famous plumber Mario have been a constant in our lives.

Nintendo hasn’t always been successful though, as the company has had many ups and downs on its journey. How exactly did the company ever get involved in the business in the first place and what has been its recipe for longevity in a business that has seen rivals rise and fall over the decades?

A new documentary series called Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story is looking to answer those important questions, detailing the journey that turned the company into a household name. Here’s the first trailer for it:

This certainly looks like a must-watch series for not just Nintendo fans, but arguably all video game fans who are interested in past, present, and future of the industry. It certainly looks likes it’s going to be both a nostalgic and insightful journey into many of Nintendo’s beloved consoles and characters, and perhaps also inspire some people to get into the business as well.

Playing with Power is written and directed by Jeremy Snead, who has also previously worked on projects like Unlocked: The World of Games. Sean Astin provides narration for the series which is set to release on Crackle March 1.  

Last Updated: February 18, 2021

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