We can't resist sharing: the trailer for DOCTOR WHO – THE SNOWMEN will send a chill down your spine!

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So, as you know, this site is called The Movies but now and then we make a slight exception for one series, and one series only: Doctor Who. We would like to think that the loophole is the fact that every episode is almost cinematic in scope, with writing that puts most Hollywood blockbusters to shame. 

Factor in that the trailer I am about to show you is for a standalone Christmas special, and I think we are quite safe…you know, except from giant snowmen with teeth.

The Snowmen, the first Doctor Who feature since the Kleenex-destroying departure of the Ponds, will be the first episode to feature Jenna-Louise Coleman as the Doctor’s new companion, and she seems a feisty one! Well, it is actually her second appearance in the season…or is it the first? Damn you Doctor, damn you and your wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff!

The episode also sees the return of a few of the Doctor’s old friends, including Madame Vastra and her consort, Jenny. Richard E. Grant stars as the villianous Simeon, who seems to unleash a horde of evil Snowmen on a snow-clad city. Knowing Doctor Who, it will be substantially more high-concept than that, so I can’t wait!

I can be honest with all of you – this trailer has me more excited than any other trailers I have seen thus far, but once you have a taste for Doctor Who, nothing else will ever quite be enough.

Take a look:


Last Updated: November 19, 2012

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