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We're taking a break!

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Yes, I know that we just got back from an unplanned two-week hiatus, but trust me, running around like a headless chicken as you try to get underpaid, overly sunny server engineers on another continent to understand the urgency of restoring your non-functioning website isn’t much of a vacation. And after having spent a year rubbing shoulders with the nutjobs around here, I need one!

So we’re taking a short little breather over the Christmas and New Years period to spend some time with our loved ones (in Nick’s case, read: cats) and to just relax and unwind. Because writing about the next Adam Sandler movie is tough enough as it is, but doing it on a stomach full to bursting point with Christmas pudding is just plain anatomically impossible.

We won’t be gone too long though, as we’ll be resuming normal services on Monday, 4 January 2016. We expect to see you here. With presents. And maybe a cup of coffee or two. We may just need it.

So for now, there’s nothing much more to say other than THANK YOU for all the support this past year. Thanks for joining us at our screenings, for all the comments on our reviews, the jokes on our articles and the explicit nude photos in my inbox (oh you know who you are!). Mostly, thanks for putting up with our lunacy. We promise that we’ll be doing more of the same next year.

Lastly, we hope you that each and every one of you has a wonderful, exhilarating time with your families and friends over this festive season! Cheers!

Last Updated: December 24, 2015

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