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We're all going on a… Christmas holiday!

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As nearly every second internet meme will tell you, 2016 was a rough year. Besides for all the beloved movie icons we had to lay to rest in the last 12 months, the global political strife, our intensely troubling local problems and just plain everyday crappiness took its toll on us all. Luckily, we also had some amazing movies to distract us from all the real world concerns, because the world is just a much better place when you’re watching Spider-Man take down a giant Ant-Man while making a Star Wars reference.

But even with some of the great cinematic treats we got to try out this year, we all still need a break. Mostly from each other (Darryn has finally mastered the art of personal grooming; next lesson: wearing pants!). So this actually marks the official last post of the year for us, as we take a little breather over the holiday season to spend time with our loved ones over Christmas and New Years and eat more trifle than should be legally allowed. You’ll still see the occasional scheduled post and review popping up on the site (thanks, press embargoes!), and we will definitely be here if any major news breaks, but we’ll only really be back in the office as from Monday, 9 January 2017.

And I’m not supposed to be telling you guys this yet, because y’know, spoilers (so if anybody asks, you didn’t hear this from me!) but when we return you can expect some pretty big changes around these parts. We’re terribly excited to share this new vision with you guys, but that’s all I’m going to say about that for now as I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

What I will say though, is to thank each and every single one of you for helping us this year to build this site, whether it’s through just reading our articles, commenting on our reviews, or attending our screenings, your contribution has been greatly appreciated. I’m still waiting for one of you to just open your hearts – and wallets! – and give us mountains of cash in return for entertaining and informing you, but hey, I’m patient!

So until we see each other again in 2017…

Last Updated: December 15, 2016


  1. Please dont radically change the site. Its easy to use and uncluttered the way it is. Enjoy the break.


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