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What Is Batman Venom?

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Batman Venom is a storyline that ran through five issues of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight back in 1991. This storyline puts Batman through a trial of addiction, as he takes an experimental drug called Venom to enhance his capabilities. He becomes dependent on the drug and finally gives it up before a showdown with the story’s big baddies.

Who Created Batman Venom?

These issues of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight were written by famed comic book writer Dennis O’Neil (read his Wikipedia) and illustrated by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Russell Braun. They were collaborators on a number of issues of the Batman: LotDR (as the series is called sometimes).

What’s the Full Story?

Batman Venom
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Batman tries and fails to save the life of a kidnapped child- Sissy Porter. He starts to beat himself up over his weaknesses and wonder if he could have saved her had he been stronger. That’s when he is introduced to an experimental drug that Sissy’s father, Dr. Randolph Porter, comes up with. The drug is designed to improve his stamina and strength, and Batman begins using it regularly to great effect.

After three months of using Venom, Batman is stronger but is also addicted to it. He starts demanding more and more of the drug from Dr. Porter. The doctor gives him more despite the effects it is having on Batman, and that’s because he is trying to control the Caped Crusader.

After several issues, Batman starts to realize how serious his addiction is and tries to kick the habit by locking himself in the Batcave. After a month, he is seemingly free from the effects of the drug.

Dr. Porter has used that time to test the drugs on Timothy Slaycroft, a general’s son, making him incredibly strong and the first in a line of super soldiers.

Batman hears about what the doctor is doing and takes Alfred with him to the island of Santa Prisca to stop him from creating an army of super soldiers addicted to Venom. When Alfred gets into trouble, Batman rescues him, but then he is captured and given an ultimatum. He can either rot in the cell or take the drug again and serve Dr. Porter. Batman chooses a third option- to escape by his own wits and put an end to the doctor’s work. Timothy Slaycroft kills his own father ad Batman brings Dr. Porter into custody as the story ends.

Is Batman: Venom Worth a Read?

This is a decently rated storyline that is beloved by the comic-collecting community. Even though it has never been adapted to film or animated feature yet, it might make for a compelling story the big screen. It is rated 3.9 out of 5 on Goodreads, and The Gotham Archives calls it “amazing”.

Where Can I Read Batman: Venom?

You can find it available digitally on read Comics Online and through other digital comics distributors. It is also available as a collected graphic novel and sold through retailers like Amazon as well as local comic shops.

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