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Where the Stars Go to Retire – Celebrity Retirement Homes

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The rich and famous tend to hang out in the trendiest spots, but when it comes time to retire, they want somewhere a little more peaceful and quiet. There are a number of retirement homes that are known for their celebrity residents, and we’re going to look at some of the most prestigious ones here.

Denville Hall

A number of British actors have taken up residence at Denville Hall in London’s Northwood area, says NHLC. The historic architecture gives this building a regal air, and inside its doors are many celebrities who are being cared for in their old age. The facility offers dementia treatment, as well as respite care and nursing services. 

Which celebrities have made their home here? The most famous would definitely have to be Sir Richard Attenborough- a filmmaker and actor whose career has been unrivaled. He shares the space with Kathleen Byron (The Small Black Room), Andrew Sachs (Fawlty Towers), Pat Coombs (You’re Only Young Twice), and many others. 

Brinsworth House

Over in Twickenham, located in West London, is another retirement home that’s packed with celebrity residents, says CQC. There are so many celebrities living here that the home has been lovingly nicknamed “The Old Pro’s Paradise”. It’s even been decorated with promotional materials from the Royal Variety Performances, and a stage has been set up for the retired performers to use.

Who has called Brinsworth House their home over the years? Norman Wisdom was a comedian and actor throughout the 50s and 60s, and he’s just one of several notable celebrities who spent their last days in this retirement home. Among its previous residents are Penny Calvert (Eurovision and television star) and Alan Freeman (Australian DJ), as well as many other British and Australian personalities who’ve made their mark on the entertainment industry during their lifetime.

Motion Picture Country Home

There’s a retirement home in Los Angeles for American actors known as the Motion Picture Country Home, according to NPR.org. It’s actually funded by the Motion Picture and Television Fund, and it has been home to such notable actors and actresses as Anne Faulkner (Rosanne), Connie Sawyer (Ray Donovan), and Wright King (A Streetcar Named Desire). 

These actors and celebrities haven’t called it quits just yet. Many of them perform in the retirement home there in Los Angeles, putting on shows for other residents and anyone who comes to visit. The home is packed with directors, artists, and performers of all kinds, and they have created a very close community there as they recount tales from their Hollywood heyday

The Motion Picture Country Home was originally conceived by Charlie Chaplin and others in the entertainment industry, and it’s supported today by big names like George Clooney.

Last Updated: October 21, 2022

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