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Wild rumour: Ryan Reynolds pitched a Deadpool vs Fox’s Marvel Universe film to be directed by Michael Bay

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Listen, you get wild rumours and then you get WIIIIIIIIIILD rumours, and this latest bit of grapevine whisperings definitely fall into the latter category. According to mysterious scooper Roger Wardell, star/producer Ryan Reynolds pitched Disney an idea for a third Deadpool movie in which the Merc With the Mouth would face off against and then kill the entirety of Fox’s Marvel Comics character stable, and Reynolds wanted this movie to be directed by Michael Bay.

I’m just going to give you a minute to let that nuttiness percolate for a while.

How bonkers does that sound? Know what’s even crazier? There’s a good chance that this is real. Firstly, let’s tackle the source. Roger Wardell is the pseudonym of somebody with some very good connections in Hollywood, and especially in Disney’s Marvel offices. The identity popped up on Twitter a while back, making some far-fetched claims about Marvel movies years down the line… and then a whole lot of those “far-fetched claims” totally came true. Wardell hasn’t always been on the money when it comes to their Marvel scoops, but they have had a shockingly high success rate with these things (and the variance could be attributed to the studio changing plans). Wardell disappeared off the internet for a while but has resurfaced recently with the same type of scoops as before. So for now, I’m willing to accept the validity of this claim.

Which leads me to my second point: This sounds exactly like the type of pitch the subversive Reynolds would make as it fits perfectly with the character he brought to life on-screen to massive success. Since Disney took over Fox, and thus took back the film rights to Marvel characters that Fox had owned for decades, the question had always been what the House of Mouse would do with them. For the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four it was easy: Reboot. While both franchises had never had their stories tied up, Fox had royally stuffed them up to the point that everybody wanted a do-over.

On other side of the spectrum though, the two Deadpool movies were record-setting affairs which became cultural phenomena. Disney would be crazy to toss that away and start over. So why not keep Deadpool as is and have him be the one that gives the X-Men and Fantastic Four some closure… by killing them? It’s a pitch so ridiculous that it may just work and allows Disney to make another Deadpool film without it interfering with the studio’s Marvel Cinematic Universe plans.

And who better to handle such a ludicrously over-the-top idea than the Master of Bayhem himself, Michael Bay? I’ve made no bones about the fact that besides for a small handful of exceptions in his filmography, I think Bay is a terrible filmmaker who revels in excess rather than craft. And let’s not forget that his highly problematic on-set behaviour. But he’s a name that will draw hordes of cinemagoers and if there’s one thing he specialises in, it’s destruction. So why not let him destroy an entire cinematic universe? And with Bay having directed Reynolds in Netflix’s ridiculous action fest Six Underground last year, the two men already have a pretty well-established working relationship.

Unfortunately, Wardell hasn’t shared anything further on how this pitch went down but I highly doubt Disney even considered this idea as worthy. From what we can glean from the tiny morsels of info that has come out, Disney wants a clean break from Fox’s take on these Marvel characters and will even keep them on the back burner for a few years just to give that extra bit of distance before unveiling their own plans for the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Which means that chances are we’re going to have to wait for another Deadpool movie as well. And it probably won’t be one where he gets to shoot Colossus in the nuts or something.

On the plus side, the idea of Deadpool killing EVERYONE does at least exist in comic book form, in case you want to see the merc with a mouth come up with increasingly inventive methods for exterminating Marvel’s mightiest mortals.

Last Updated: June 25, 2020


  1. Oh hell noooo,,,,,actually, Heads flying way in slo mo could be interesting.


  2. justlikemo

    June 25, 2020 at 14:44

    I will definitely give this a skip, had too much of Ryan speaking into the camera shots


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