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Will Ferrell is a FLAMINGO THIEF

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Everyone has a few valuable items dotted around their house. Jewelry, expensive appliances, imported Swedish sex toys, you get the idea. But would you consider lawn ornaments to be a priceless treasure?

Will Ferrell does, and he’s going to make like Indiana Jones and plunder the crap out of your tomb/garden, as he saddles up to be the Flamingo Thief, now that his project has found a director.

Based on the novel by Susan Trott, Ferrell will play a lawyer who has a mental breakdown one day, resulting in him becoming so obssessed with stealing Pink Flamingos from lawns, that his wife eventually leaves him.

Paul “Lars and the real girl” Gillespie has been tapped by Ben Stiller’s Red Hour production company to guide Ferrell in his latest antics, while the script is being handled by Michael “You, me and Dupree” LeSieur.

It’ll still be a while before the film starts principal production, as Ferrell is tied up with several projects, such as an upcoming football comedy with Adam Sandler, Three Mississippi, as well as his work on reassembling the Channel 4 news team for the Anchorman sequel.

Last Updated: July 3, 2012

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