Will Forte talks MACGRUBER 2

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MACGRUBER! Some hated it, but I absolutely adored Will Forte as the throat-rippiest of all heroes, the very-not MacGuyver MacGruber in 2010. Violent, weird and walking around distracting audiences with a celery stick up its ass, the movie was a perfect riff on mullets, gadgets and a villain that truly had the last laugh in the end.

I’ve been aching for a sequel ever since. And thank the tape-deck gods, so has Will Forte.

While on the promotion circuit for his upcoming movie Nebraska, Will Forte gave an update to the status of the sequel to Collider:

Jorma [Taccone] and I just got together—well, John Solomon, who’s our third partner, is working at SNL right now—so Jorma and I got together to try and start figuring it out. We have a really solid first act so far, so we have to get together again and keep going through.

Oh hell yes. MacGruber ranks up high with my favourite guilty pleasure movies, thanks to twisted scenes like this:

Of course, the biggest barrier here is financing. But seeing as how the first movie made a decent amount of coin in DVD sales, it shouldn’t be a problem to reunite Forte with Kristin Wiig and Ryan Phillippe. MACGRUBER!

Last Updated: March 6, 2014

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