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Will Sam Mendes return for the next JAMES BOND film?

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Despite some illogical plotting and the fact that James Bond only felt comforatble taking out bad guys after they had used exactly one bullet to kill his piece of tail, Skyfall was actually pretty damn good. A marked improvement on Quantum of Solace, while habdling reboot elements better than certain aspects of Casino Royale, Skyfall was the Bond film that fans had been craving for years now.

But Bond films since the Roger Moore and Sean Connery eras have rarely seen a director return more than once. Sam Mendes would be expected to move on then, but it seems that he may not be done with Bond just yet.

According to the ever-reliable Baz Bamigboye via Empire, Mendes is now almost a certain to return, thanks to some persuasion from producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. Most likely a form of persuasion that revolved around a bottomless chair and a piece of rope with a thick knot being swung around at high speeds (citation needed).

The main issue that Mendes had with a new Bond film though, was writer John Logan wanting the next two films to be linked, a move that would require around four to five years of dedicated time from Mendes. Wilson and Broccoli are ditching that idea though, which will allow Mendes to pursue other projects of the stage type before he returns to call the shots behind the scenes on Bond 24.

Don’t expect Bond 24 any time soon though. Pre-production work means that Mendes will only be able to start much later this year, while scheduling and marketing would seem to signify that a late 2014 release at the earliest is the best bet right now.

But if Mendes can knock out another memorable film such as Skyfall, then it’ll most likely be a wise bet to bet on Bond.

Last Updated: February 18, 2013

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