William Shatner is boldly going where no Star Trek captain has gone before: Comic Con Africa 2019

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Star Trek. Boston Legal. Airplane 2. If ever there was an actor whose career has been varied, legendary and eternal, it has to be William Shatner’s run across movie and TV screens. The man’s a legend, an icon in numerous media franchises and possibly an immortal actor who at the age of 88 is still riding horses, promoting charitable causes and kicking ass at the same time.

To many, he’ll forever be the best captain in Star Trek’s long history or a legendary lawyer who spent equal amounts of time winning court cases and reminding people who he was. If you’ve ever wanted to meet him and just didn’t have the time, well hold on to your butts because here’s some good news for all the Trekkies in the house: William Shatner is coming to Comic Con Africa.

Comic Con Africa takes place from September 21-24 at the Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg this year. Alongside Shatner, video game voice over legends Troy Baker and Nolan North will be present (for reals this time), alongside actors Anthony Mackie, Isaac Hempstead Wright and comic book superstar Donny Cates just to name a few. See you all there then I guess. DENNY CRANE!

Last Updated: July 12, 2019

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