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Wolverine is looking a bit old in this first teaser for LOGAN

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There’s a running theme in the build-up for Wolverine 3, and that’s that everybody is starting to look old as f***. We’ve already caught a glimpse of Professor Xavier, who happens to look more worn out and lost than your racist granddad coming to say hi to you at your university residence. Last week also saw a look at Boyd Holbrook stylin’ and profilin’ as the nemesis of Logan, one mutant-hunting genocidal maniac who goes by the name of Donald Pierce in the comics.

But what about the main man himself? A few decades after the events of the previous X-Men movies, how is ol’ James Howlett himself holding up? Not well, thanks to this first look at Hugh Jackman sporting a far more grizzled and tamed look courtesy of a new tweet from director James Mangold:


Not enough for ya? Well how about an entire six seconds of teaser footage, all up in your face?

Yup, that certainly does look like old man Logan. While his hair isn’t as shockingly white as it appears on the current berserker pensioner from Marvel comics, the Wolverine is clearly starting to feel his age. Scar tissue on his face that his diminished healing factor has been unable to properly heal, the effects of rampant alcohol abuse that help keep his chronic pain in check and a hairstyle that is much less feral than in previous outings.

Ol’ Logan has been through a lot. In the script page that Mangold shared a few weeks back, Logan was described as being a shell of a man who lived life in constant agony and had to make do with a healing factor that isn’t as up to scratch as it used to be. And by the look of things, he’s going to need every possible shred of his remaining mutant DNA to help survive the oncoming feud between Pierce and his gang of Reavers when he SNIKTS his claws out for one last ride.

Last Updated: October 20, 2016

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