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WWE Hell In A Cell – All the hellacious match results

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Hell In A Cell took place at the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Masachusetts. Here’s all the hellacious action that went down.

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara defeated Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari

WWE Hell In A Cell (2)

Hell In A Cell kicked off with some cruiserweight action, as six of the best in that lightweight division squared off against each other. A physical contest from start to finish, every man here was cruisin’ for a bruisin’ as they made a second home on the top rope, the culmination of this coming from a three man triple suicide dive from Alexander, Dorado and Sin Cara onto their competition.

That unity saw them through a furious bout as Cedric Alexander led his team to victory with a Lumbar Check on Gulak that sealed the deal on a win.

United States Champion Roman Reigns defeated Rusev (Hell in a Cell Match)

WWE Hell In A Cell (3)

Say what you like about Roman Reigns’ main event run as the WWE Champ, but he certainly has found his place as the current reigning (heh) US Champion, especially with Rusev hot on his heels. After soending most of 2016 at each other’s throats outside the WWE ring, the two titans were locked up inside the ring as the demonic steel structure descended on them.

And inside Hell In A Cell, all hell broke loose. Rusev and Reigns duked it out, as the US Champ used his experience within the cage to devastating effect while the Bulgarian Brute fought back with pure savagery as he introduced his nemesis to the steel steps of the ring. A kendo stick also made an appearance, becoming acquainted with Rusev’s spine. Rusev bounced back however, wrapping Reigns in the ring ropes and smashing him in return with the deadly stick and then introduced a steel chain to the match as well.

Attacking Reigns with the chain, Rusev looked to end the match by applying the Accolade on the steel steps and added some chain flavour to the hold as an impromptu muzzle, but Reigns was not going down without a fight. Powering out, A Samoan Drop was locked in on the steps, as Reigns ended the match with a Spear that drove Rusev straight into the mat below him.

Bayley defeated Dana Brooke

WWE Hell In A Cell (4)

Everyone’s favourite and most huggable wrestler was out next for Hell In A Cell, as Bayley clashed with Dana Brooke in the ring. Having been subjected to abuse from Dana Brooke non-stop for weeks now, the doctor of huganomics worked through an injured shoulder while Brooke applied her usual venom and focused attacks on Bayley in an attempt to stop her cold.

But with a surge of adrenaline and the crowd behind her, Bayley proved to be too much for Brooke as her trademark Bayley-to-Belly suplex ended Brooke for the night.

Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkins to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

WWE Hell In A Cell (6)

At Hell In A Cell, Brian Kendrick had everything to lose. And that made for a very dangerous opponent as current Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins learned the hard way. Desperate for gold and wagering his entire future on one match, Kendrick was expecting Perkins to surrender his title to the emotionally-unstable one.

But Perkins wasn’t playing that game, as he forced Kendrick to earn the title of the best Cruiserweight in the WWE. Unusually aggressive, Kendrick fought tooth and nail against Perkins who matched the veteran blow for blow. But Kendrick’s crafty ring experience paid off, as he faked a leg injury that had Perkins checking to see if his former friend was OK to continue.

Instead, Kendrick greeted the champ with a headbutt and the Captain’s Hook, resulting in a shocked Perkins tapping out.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated Enzo Amore and Big Cass


HELL IN A CELL, HOW YA DOIN’? The loudest tag team in RAW history wanted a piece of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, but the Club was ready to bounce the loudmouths out of the ring last night. Going back and forth for most of the match, it was anyone’s guess who would emerge victorious by the time the bell was rung.

But as usual, the signature Magic Killer from Anderson and Gallows proved to be too much for the fan favourite pair, as Enzo fell victim to the deadly finisher.

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell Match)

WWE Hell In A Cell (5)

Having rebuilt himself into a number one contender, the architect known as Seth Rollins was gunning for gold last night. But Kevin Owens wasn’t going to relinquish his title without a fight, as the two faced off in Hell In A Cell. But while the two decided to punch years off each other’s lifespans, it was Chris Jericho who had the final say in who would out of HIAC as the champ.

After Owens had worked the back of Rollins that had been previously injured on RAW and managed to blast a WWE official in the face with a fire extinguisher, Jericho managed to sneak his way into the cage and locked himself inside. Rollins quickly got rid of Jericho however as he looked to revive his chances against Owens, but Jericho dragged the ref away and left the ring empty of any official who could initiate a three-count.

Jeri-KO then reunited to deliver a steel conchairto to Rollins with a powerbomb from Owens on top, finishing Rollins for the night as the KO master retained his gold.

Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated Cesaro and Sheamus via Disqualification

WWE Hell In A Cell (7)

The New Day have been tag team champions for hundreds of days now, and after Hell In A Cell it looks like they’ll be the champs until the end of days as even the united force of Sheamus and Cesaro wasn’t enough to halt the unrelenting force of Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston thanks to some technical differences.

The two teams went for broke at Hell In A Cell, as Xavier Woods and Big E faced a Swiss-Irish Connection with some effective teamwork in the ring. But after Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicked Cesaro in an attempt to break up a Midnight Hour attack, it was a solo show for the Celtic Warrior. Attempting to win back the trust of the Swiss Superman and then some, victory was almost theirs but an illegal Trouble In Paradise from Kofi Kingston saw the ref calling the match off moments before Woods would have tapped out to a Sharpshooter from Cesaro.

It was a victory for Cesaro and Sheamus, but not the kind of victory that they were hoping for as The New Day managed to retain their gold.

Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks to win the Raw Women’s Championship (Hell in a Cell Match)

WWE Hell In A Cell (8)

The final Hell In A Cell match was also a first, as the WWE’s toughest women entered the sadistic steel cage for a main event that was headlined by the ladies. Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks had a score to settle in the final HIAC match, that had the RAW Women’s Championship as the final goal. And even before the ring could be lowered, Charlotte was ready to unleash hell.

The war between the two raged outside of the cage, as Charlotte and Banks became acquainted with the fan barrier. Holding onto the cell walls, Charlotte was dragged off of the cage with a powerbomb to the announcers table that had the boss bounce through carnage. WWE officials wanted to end the match right then and there as a stretcher was called for. But Banks resurrected herself from that wreckage to give Charlotte a run for her money, taking the fight back into the cell.

Both ladies exhausted their arsenal against each other, using all manner of dives, slams and steel chairs to turn the tide. The Boss reached her limit however, when she set up a table in the corner and failed to powerbomb Charlotte through it as the damage on her back finally caught up to her. Charlotte took advantage of this, using the table and Natural Selection to end the most brutal of HIAC matches with a definitive impact and the women’s gold around her waist once again.

Last Updated: October 31, 2016


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      Ek dink die laaste wedstryd was vrouens so dat die mense vroeer kon huis toe ry.


      • Admiral Chief - Dragonborn

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        As hulle in modder gestoei het was dit natuurlik ‘n ander saak


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    Best match was Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins


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    Wow, they almost look like real people.


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    “After soending”…spending? Hehe. Glad Roman found his place. Glad Rollins is getting a taste of his own medicine. Glad the women are being taken more seriously!


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