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WWE 2K22 will get regular developer updates, according to update video about update…videos

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Past WWE games weren’t exactly transparent when it came to how they were being made, and considering the absolute dumpster fire that was 2019’s WWE 2K20, I can’t blame developer Visual Concepts for not wanting to show wrasslin’ fans just how badly that game was cocked up. Without longtime partner Yukes around to lend a hand, WWE 2K20 was bad enough to Bane-break the annual release schedule that 2K Games had inherited from THQ back in the early 2010s, but that’s in the past.

For now, Visual Concepts and publisher 2K are promising to show off more of how WWE 2K22 is coming along by sharing regular behind-the-scenes updates “over the coming weeks” on Instagram and Twitter. The first such update stars WWE 2K creative director Lynell Jinks talking about how updates will roll out, and yes I know that this an update about updates. Whatever, I’ll take what I can get at this point.

“We’re going to be holding your hand through the process of how we make WWE 2K22,” Jinks said. “Because it hits different, y’all.”

There’s no concrete timeline for when these updates will arrive, although the studio said that they will be “frequent,” with more content arriving “over the coming weeks”. This will likely include announcements on who’s making it into the roster of WWE 2K22, although it’s safe to say that it’ll be the usual main event stars and a number of WWE legends that will be playable. We already know that Rey Mysterio and Swiss Superman Cesaro are in the game, as the first WWE 2K22 trailer featured the master of the 619 smacking Cesaro right in the face with his trademark San Diego dialing code.

Other than that, it’s a waiting game! A perfect chance to practice a hurricanrana off the top rope on Brad while I wait for news on a release date or a list of next-gen features.

Last Updated: May 11, 2021

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