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WWE RAW Results 12 February – The Elimination Chamber Blues

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WWE Monday Night RAW took place from the SAP Center in San Jose, California. Here’s all the action that went down last night.

John Cena def. Intercontinental Champion The Miz (loser enters the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match first)

RAW February 12 (2)

Kicking off Monday Night RAW, was a match between two men who each had their own plan for breaking the conqueror known as Brock Lesnar and winning the WWE Universal title off of a man who had proven to be undefeatable in recent months. The Miz knew that he could outsmart the Beast, while John Cena claimed that it would take guts to wear the champ down.

Before either man could reach the grandest stage of them all however, they had to face each other in the ring to decide who would be unlucky enough to be the first entrant in the Elimination Chamber. That unlucky competitor? The Miz, as Cena managed to weather a storm of blows and topple the Intercontinental Champion with his Avalanche AA.

The Revival def. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

RAW February 12 (3)

Believe it or not, but jumping your opponents from behind is usually a good tactic in the WWE. That’s the game plan that The Revival had in their match against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, as the tag team specialists sneaked in some damage on the good brothers. Focusing their offense on the leg of Luke Gallows, Dash Wilder and Dawson continued to outfox their opponents throughout the bout.

Eventually using uncanny timing to lock Anderson into a Shatter Machine finisher, the specialists proved triumphant last night.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle addressed Jason Jordan’s status

RAW February 12 (4)

Nobody cares nobody cares nobody cares about Jason Jordan. Sad but true. What people did care about last night, was Seth Rollins looking to move beyond the tag team division as he asked general manager Kurt Angle for a chance at entering the Elimination Chamber and earning his way to the Wrestlemania main event. Angle left the decision up to the crowd, who unanimously voted with their voices in favour of the Kingslayer being allowed to enter into the Fatal 4-Way for the last slot in the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

Bayley def. Sasha Banks

RAW February 12 (5)

Back to the action after that, as it appears that the arrival of Asuka has stoked a fire within Bayley and Sasha Banks. With neither challenger having managed to best the Empress of Tomorrow, the two clashed against each other in the ring. Bayley was full of heart, Banks was clever and the match was simply electric.

The doctor of huganomics got the deciding pin however, with a Bayley-to-Belly finisher that had the backing of the home crowd on her side. A fantastic match, that was then derailed by the appearance of Nia Jax who rocked both challengers with Samoan Drops.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville def. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James

RAW February 12 (6)

Sticking with the Women’s Division, Absolution burst onto the scene next as the unlikely alliance of Mickie James and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss faced off against them. Bliss and James were a capable team through their temporary alliance, but it was Absolution leader Paige who turned out to be the deciding factor in this match, creating a distraction that allowed Sonya to remove Bliss from the match as Rose got the deciding pin on James.

But at least Little Miss Bliss returned to save James from a post-match beatdown, so there might be some hope for the duo yet.

Braun Strowman attacked Elias

RAW February 12 (7)

You ain’t seen nothing, until you’ve seen Baun Strowman pick up the most gargantuan of Orchestra bass instruments in an attempt to derail Elias from singing the Elimination Chamber Blues. Unfortunately, the Gift of Destruction may have broken the actual strings on his instrument, but at least he played a melody of malice on Elias with a Running Powerslam, chasing the minstrel off for the night.

Roman Reigns def. RAW Tag Team Champion Sheamus

RAW February 12 (8)

There’s no love lost between the brothers of The Shield and The Bar, as they rejoiced in the fact that Seth Rollins was basically out of the tag team championship game last night. Gloating which Roman Reigns didn’t take too kindly to, as he proceeded to hammer Sheamus into the ground in a brutal match. While the Irishman wasn’t totally defenseless as he offered plenty of offense to Reigns, the Big Dog still proved too much for him and his partner Cesaro, sending the Celtic Warrior to an early defeat with a massive Spear that shook the ring.

The Fatal 5 Way between Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy, Apollo Crews, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor ended in a No Contest

RAW Feb 12

When it comes to Fatal 5-Way matches, simplicity is often thrown straight out of the ring. Along with anyone else who happens to be inside said match. That was the case in point in the main event of RAW, as a ferocious brouhaha broke out when Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Woken Matt Hardy, Bray Wyatt and Apollo Crews collided.

Each man was hellbent on making it to the Elimination Chamber, shining in a moment of glory as chaos reigned supreme. Said anarchy extended even to the finish of the match,  as a massive four-man powerbomb on Bray Wyatt saw the Eater of Worlds pinned by both Rollins and Balor. With the match result a no contest and the referees bickering over who should have won, it was clear that a winner would not be found in that match as RAW went off the air.

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