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WWE RAW Results – April 25 2016

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WWE Raw (18)

Welcome, to Monday Night RAW! The final RAW before the upcoming Payback Pay Per View on Sunday was broadcast from the XL Center in Hartford Connecticut. Featuring AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, here’s what went down.

This week’s WWE RAW aired live on the USA Network from the XL Center in Hartford, CT.

Opening segment

WWE Raw (17)

RAW pays tribute to the late Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, and also highlights the growing feud between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles. Shane McMahon comes on down to the ring to tell the crowd how Payback will be the first Pay-Per-View of a new era in the WWE. Stephanie McMahon decides to interrupt, delivering the news that this will be the final RAW that her brother runs.

On Sunday, Vince McMahon will decide who the new general manager of RAW is. And then Shane has security remove his sister, because that’s how sibling rivalries work.

AJ Styles defeats Sheamus

WWE Raw (16)

AJ Styles takes early control, landing big dropkicks and a forearm that sends Sheamus flying out of the ring. A moonsault attack goes awry however as Styles hits the steel steps and Sheamus takes the lead with a pair of backbreakers. AJ bounces eventually after some more punishment, hitting the Phenomenal Forearm on Sheamus to pick up the win as Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come on down once the bell has been rung.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns is backstage watching the action on a monitor. Joined by the Usos, the trio hatch a plan.

The New Day is in the ring

Cutting a new promo powered by the energy of Booty-Os, the New Day is soon interrupted by the Vaudevillains. Who are then interrupted by Enzo and Kass, because everybody wants a slice of the Tag Team champs.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeat The Usos

WWE Raw (14)

While The Usos appear to be in control after the match bell has rung, it’s Anderson and Gallows who make a big impact with huge clotheslines and big slams. Working the injured shoulder of Jey Uso, Anderson and Gallows quickly shut down any momentum from the veteran pair. Gallows would seal the deal on a win, hitting the Magic Killer finisher on Jimmy Uso. The Bullet Club would then deliver a post-match beatdown, as Roman Reigns came to the rescue.

Backstage with AJ Styles

WWE Raw (12)

Styles is talking about his upcoming  Payback match on Sunday, but Anderson and Gallows interrupt him as they offer their assistance against Roman Reigns. Styles says that their friendship is over and that he doesn’t need any help, shaking on it.

Sami Zayn defeats Rusev

WWE Raw (11)

Zayn makes big moves early on with a flying head-scissors that knocks Rusev out of the ring, but the big European quickly counters with some vicious assaults into the fan barrricade, spinning heel kicks and a few suplexes. Zayn somehow survives the onslaught, sneaking in a quick roll-up pin and winning the match. As he makes his way back up the entrance ramp, Zayn is congratulated with a post-match beatdown by Kevin Owens.

Apollo Crews defeats Stardust

WWE Raw (10)

After some smack-talk backstage between the two, Stardust starts the match with a huge swinging neckbreaker that earns him a two-count on Crews. Crews made a comeback however, squashing Stardust with a corner splash, flying elbow and a standing moonsault. A spinning sit-out powerbomb ends any further hostility from Stardust as Apollo Crews picks up a win.

Dean Ambrose is in the ring

WWE Raw (9)

With a match against Chris Jericho at Payback this Sunday, Ambrose has plenty to say. And so does Y2J, as he makes his way down to the ring and the two begin to wax lyrical about the damage that they’re going to inflict on one another. Jericho is at peak heel this night, with the two eventually coming to blows. Jericho gets the upper hand however, putting Ambrose in his signature submission lock on top of the announcer’s table as he ends the night with a Payback advantage.

Natalya defeats Emma

WWE Raw (7)

Once again, Charlotte and Ric Flair are at ringside, sitting in and doing some commentary. Natalya and Emma put on a great show, going back and forth until Natalya locks in the sharpshooter and picks up a win with the submission hold.

Baron Corbin vs. Damien Sandow ends in a No Contest

WWE Raw (6)

Before Corbin can even get to the ring, he’s jumped by Dolph Ziggler and the two start a brawl for it all.

The Miz and Maryse are in the ring

WWE Raw (4)

The Miz has some words for Cesaro, who of course takes the time to interrupt the so-called Awesome One. Cesaro says that he’ll be leaving Payback with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist this Sunday, which of course prompts the Miz to attempt a sneak attack on the Swiss wonder. Instead, the Miz gets a healthy dose of a European uppercut in his face.

Backstage with Roman Reigns and AJ Styles

WWE Raw (5)

Just a quick staredown on Monday Night RAW, before the Payback PPV. Business as usual.

Roman Reigns defeats Alberto Del Rio

WWE Raw (8)

Roman Reigns starts with an early offense, but a quick kick from Del Rio sends him outside the ring in what appears to be a running theme with League of Nation members on this episode of RAW. The action goes back and forth, as Reigns nails some clotheslines, Del Rio attacks with all manner of kicks and the two have several 2-counts of note.

WWE Raw (2)

After landing the Superman Punch, the Bullet Club appears on the ramp which opens Reigns up for a very close call as Del Rio does a quick roll-up. Reigns counters with a spear, wins the match and then almost starts a brawl with the Bullet Club. AJ Styles appears to talk his former pals out of doing anything rash, and receives a Superman Punch from Reigns as thanks. AJ isn;t out however, and adds a Phenomenal Forearm as a reply to Reigns’ attack to end the Monday Night RAW show for the night.

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