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WWE RAW Results August 06 – Rowdy Ronda Rousey finally hits the ring

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WWE Monday Night RAW took place from the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. Here’s all the action that went down last night.

Roman Reigns def. Constable Baron Corbin

Kicking off Monday Night RAW was a showdown between the big dog and the constable. Trying to match the strength of Reigns with a more cunning game plan, Corbin’s plan came up short when Reigns got heated up. Trying to escape the match, Corbin’s plan was derailed by Finn Balor and ended with a typical Reigns combo: Superman Punch followed by a Spear.

The night wasn’t over yet for Corbin, as Balor delivered a Coup De Grace that was punctuated by a new message: At Summerslam, Balor and Corbin will finally settle their score.

Bobby Roode def. Mojo Rawley

After a losing streak that was definitely not glorious, Bobby Roode bounced back into action when he engaged Mojo Rawley in an action-packed bout, escaping a Fireman’s Carry slam and landing the Glorious DDT.

Bobby Lashley interrupted Elias’ documentary shoot

Looks like reality is going to be disappointing for Elias when he hits the editing room, as his attempts to film a documentary of his life ended with Bobby Lashley getting the better of him yet again.

Rezar def. Titus O’Neil

The war between Titus Worldwide and The Authors of Pain continued, with Rezar scoring another advantageous win against the Big Deal. When it looked like O’Neil would get the win, Rezar’s partner Akam provided some much needed ringside distraction, leading to a devastating spinebuster from Rezar that earned him the pin.

Jinder Mahal def. Braun Strowman via Disqualification

Kevin Owens has all the advantages he could possibly ask for when he faces Braun Strowman at Summerslam, with the Gift of Destruction’s golden ticket briefcase on the line. Proving just how easy it was for Strowman’s fury to result in a disqualification, intefering in his match against Jinder Mahal and costing him dearly.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins

Well that was unexpected. After weeks of action and beatdowns at the hands of Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins was looking for payback. In a way, he got just that in a handicap match against the duo. The numbers game proved to be too much for the kingslayer eventually, as a Bullseye Kick from Ziggler put Rollins down for the night.

Raw Tag Team Champions The B-Team vs. The Revival ended in a No Contest

RAW has a new equilibrium when it comes to the tag team division, but the remnants of Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt aren’t ready to vanish into the ether just yet. Popping up out of thin air in the middle of a match between the B-Team and The Revival, Hardy and Wyatt delivered a message to the current top of the tag team totem pole: a Sister Abigail to Bo Dallas and a Twist of Fate to Scott Dawson as all three teams will fight next week for the gold.

Paul Heyman addressed his business relationship with Universal Champion Brock Lesnar

The Riott Squad def. Sasha Banks and Bayley

Just when it looked like Sasha Banks and Bayley would pull out a stunning win over Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, a spanner was thrown into the mix with the return of Ruby Riott. Signalling a team-up that resulted in the Riott Squad being back to full strength, Logan caught Banks in a roll-up that spelt doom for the newly-united duo.

Ronda Rousey def. Alicia Fox

RAW August 06 (2)

Alicia Fox may have a storied career in the WWE, but a win over Ronda Rousey will likely elude her for the rest of her journey. In her first RAW match, Rousey proved just how lethal she was as the MMA legend extracted a one-sided victory from Fox when she finally caught up to her antics in the ring, finishing her off with an armbar while RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss watched.

RAW August 06 (1)

Bliss may have tried to sneak in a post-match attack on Rousey, but she received nothing but pain in return as the baddest woman on the planet threw her out of the ring. Come Summerslam, there’s nowhere to run for the champ as Rousey guns for her title.

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