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WWE RAW Results – March 14 2016

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Taking place last night t the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Monday Night WWE RAW featured appearances from the McMahons, the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Mick Foley himself. Here’s what went down.

Big E and Xavier Woods defeat Rusev and Alberto Del Rio

WWE RAW March 14 1

The start of the match is firmly in favour of the New Day, as Big E and Xavier Woods start nailing Rusev to kick Monday Night RAW off. Eventually, Alberto Del Rio gets in on the action, hitting Woods with an armbar from the ropes and starting a series of tags with Rusev. The big European walks into a series of suplexes however from Big E, with a Big Splash to seal the deal.

RAW March 14 (15)

Rusev manages to escape the pin, and gets distracted by Kofi Kingston outside the ring. With that sneaky play, Woods manages to roll Rusev up with a small package pin for the three-count. Afterwards, the entire League of Nations arrived to beat down on the New Day and keep the feud running.

Dean Ambrose is back

RAW March 14 (14)

Fresh off of his loss at WWE Roadblock, Ambrose still wants a piece of Triple H. But before that happens, he still has to deal with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania as Paul Heyman interrupts the lunatic fringe while his client, BUUUURRRRROOOOCCCCKKK LEEEEESNAR watches from the top of the entrance. Things eventually get heated, and Ambrose pulls a crowbar out of his jacket as Lesnar smirks.

Ryback defeats Sin Cara

RAW March 14 (13)

Early control goes to Ryback, as he hit a Thesz Press on Sin Caa that was answered with springboard splash for a very near two-count. Sin Cara would carry on with this momentum, but Ryback would get the upper hand when he caught the lucha libre and delivered two Shell-shocked slams to get the pin on Monday night WWE RAW.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are in the ring

RAW March 14 (12)

Triple H is clearly in good spirits, gloating about his Roadblock victory over Dean Ambrose on Saturday and telling the entire audience that a similar fate awaits Romain Reigns. Because the Authority always wins. And then Dolph Ziggler decided to interrupt, setting up a match between the show-off and the game himself, later that night on WWE RAW.

Sami Zayn defeats The Miz

While Kevin Owens is busy on ringside commentary, Sami Zayn and the Miz go at it with a selection of moonsaults, splashes and very near two-counts. Zayn pays back Owens with a suprise right, before booting the Miz in the face and picking up a win.

Team Bad defeats Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

RAW March 14 (10)

While Brie Bella, Tamina, Naomi and Alicia Fox go at it in the ring, Lana appears to cause some mischief, a move that eventually ends up with her getting clobbered with a double super-kick from  Team Bad after their win.

RAW March 14 (9)

Backstage on WWE RAW, Lana decides to interrupt Paige as well while she’s busy with a Wrestlemania promo, leading to a setup for that event.

The Usos defeat Bo Dallas and Adam Rose

RAW March 14 (8)

You won’t bo-lieve it, but the more polished tag team of the Usos claimed victory over Bo Dallas and Adam Rose, while the Dudleys tried to get involved in the match.

Mick Foley has a gift for Dean Ambrose

RAW March 14 (7)

And what a lovely gift it is. The hardcore legend is aware of the upcoming street fight match at Wrestlemania between Ambrose and Lesnar, and left a particularly lovely baseball bat in his locker room. That was wrapped in barbwire. Hooo boy.

Triple H defeats Dolph Ziggler

RAW March 14 (5)

After getting three 2-count pins, Triple H responds back with a knee to Ziggler’s face and a trip to the outside section of the ring, working Ziggler’s injured shoulder. Back in the ring, Triple H suplexes Ziggler, throws in a knee drop and goes for the Pedigree, but Ziggler reverses for another two-count pin. Ziggler manages to hit the Fameasser, but all that gets him is another two-count pin.

Triple H bounces back with a Facebuster, Ziggler in turn hits a tornado DDT and it’s yet another close pin. And again after surviving Triple H’s spinebuster and hitting him with a superkick. Eventually, Triple H would reverse the Zig-Zag finisher, hit the Pedigree and pick up the win in a very close match. And then Roman Reigns would appear.

RAW March 14 (4)

Brawling all over the outside, it’s clear that the public still doesn’t care about this feud as very loud boos could be heard. And possibly one person saying Boo-urns. Reigns and Triple H carried the fight all the way backstage, before the Usos, Mark Henry and security managed to break the two up.

Neville defeats Chris Jericho via Disqualification

RAW March 14 (3)

In full-on heel mode, Jericho was hitting the steps, playing dirty and shoving the ref to get his way out of the ring early, earning himself a disqualification. Still in the ring, Jericho cut a promo to tell everyone in attendance how he’s still the best in the world, an event which AJ Styles decided to interrupt with a springboard from the top rope and the Phenomenal armbar and lays Y2J out for the night.

Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and the Undertaker are in the ring

RAW March 14 (2)

The WWE Chairman power-walks on down to the ring, cutting another promo about how Shane has no chance in hell of beating the Undertaker in a Wrestelmania match. Vince refers to the Undertaker as the “most depraved, sadistic creature in the history of WWE,” which signals the Deadman to appear. Vince and Undertaker start their bit, with the senior McMahon going into detail about what he wants done to Shane, which of course signals for him to appear from backstage.

RAW March 14 (1)

Shane is clearly getting under the skin of the Undertaker, telling him that not only does he have a plan to beat him at Wrestlemania, but that the icon is nothing more than “Vince’s bitch” right now. A comment which provokes the Undertaker to locka  chokeslam onto the younger McMahon, which he reverses for a series of blows. Some interference from Vince however, locks in the chokeslam for good, and the Undertaker isn’t happy with either McMahon as Monday Night WWE RAW goes off the air.

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