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You can finally remove titles from Netflix’s “Continue Watching” list

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I watch a lot of stuff. New stuff, old stuff. I watch them all. You could say it’s a job requirement. I don’t always like everything I watch though, and sometimes that leads me to bail on them early. Normally, that’s not an issue. On Netflix though, all the evidence of my previous failed attempts at viewing enjoyment continuously stare back at me all the time. Mocking me. Well, mock no more!

Although tested a few weeks back already, yesterday the streaming giant officially tweeted out that you can now finally remove titles from your “Continue Watching” list. Bye-bye, random Turkish movie my aunt started watching on my profile that one time when she stayed over and which I’ve had to see for the last two years! And all it takes is a simple click on the three dots where you would normally get additional info, and a new option will present itself to “Remove From Row”.

At this moment, this additional option appears to only be present on the Netflix mobile app. We have checked a few different brands of smart TVs with the Netflix app installed, as well as Netflix on a web browser and it doesn’t appear that the feature has rolled out to these platforms yet. However, if you make the changes on the mobile app, it reflects across all your devices. I’m sure the update will probably become available on all platforms in due time. And hey, if you’ve made any more regrettable viewing choices by then, at least you can now erase the evidence!

Last Updated: July 15, 2020

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