You'll never find any peace in this new trailer for JASON BOURNE

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Just the other night I stumbled upon The Bourne Identity on DSTV while channel surfing and I got so hooked I ended up watching the entire movie, again, for the 7th time. The Bourne franchise has been a truly fantastic series of movies, played brilliantly by Matt Damon and has given us hours of action packed entertainment.

Now as I am sure all of you are aware by now that there is a new Bourne movie on its way this year, simply entitled – Jason Bourne (Or as I prefer to think of it, Bourne Again), and it looks like just the movie to give me the amnesia I need to forget about Jeremy Renner’s, The Bourne Legacy.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Jason Bourne:

Jason Bourne releases on July 29 2016.

Last Updated: April 21, 2016

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