Your first peek at the rebooted Bourne Legacy

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The original Bourne trilogy is one of those film franchises that had it all. Killer action sequences and fist to face fighting sequences for guys, and a hunky male lead involved in a complex emotional journey that appealed to the ladies, and maybe some other guys as well.

With Matt Damon having left the franchise, producers have gone the route of the reboot, or a sidequel to be specific, that will no doubt open the floodgates for various other movie projects to feature side-characters in other spin-offs.

Jeremy Renner is on board as Aaron Cross, another deadly CIA spy who becomes embroiled in yet another agency conspiracy that has gone awry due to the actions of Jason Bourne.  Here’s a look at the first promotional image of Renner’s character.Uggs Black Friday

Steely gaze?Check.Ready to kick ass attitude reflected in eyes? Double check! The Bourne Legacy is scheduled for release later this year, and features Joan Allen, Albert Finney in returning roles, alongside new faces Rachel Weisz, Oscar Isaac, Stacy Keach and Edward Norton.Uggs Black Friday Deals

Tony Gilroy will be handling writing and directing duties for the sidequel.

Last Updated: January 9, 2012

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