You've done it! Veronica Mars is successful Kickstarted

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Well done folks. When it comes to getting some quality content on the air, most of the stuff we either see either revolves around cooking reality shows or the Discovery Channel and History Channels outright copying each other with the exact same programmes.

But then you get the internet-savvy, the dedicated fan who through the sheer force of will and petitions, bring back the Futuramas and Family Guys that they so desperately crave. Also, money can really help a cancelled show in its case, much like with Veronica Mars.


Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell asked you to help finance $2 million for a Veronica Mars film, and quicker than you could dye your hair ginger and don a red jacket, you told them to shut it and take your money. Within ten hours, we might add. That still left 29 days and 14 hours for more funding to come through, and so it did.

Now ending its run with over $5.7 million, it looks like the Veronica Mars movie is a go, with several stretch goals easily met. And it’s done a helluva lot better than former teenage witch Melissa Joan Hart, who went onto the same crowdsourcing platform to get herself some cash for her own project, Darci’s Walk of Shame.

Hart needs $2 million for that project to get off the ground. So far, she’s barely cleared $25 000 in pledges.


Last Updated: April 15, 2013

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