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Zach Lipovsky will direct the LEPRECHAUN reboot

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I had to pick up the phone last year when I perfectly called it in about the WWE using their own Irish stereotype, Hornswoggle, in the upcoming Leprechaun movie reboot. And while production has yet to suffer any problems in the form of a steel chair to the head or being busted through a Spanish announce table, the film itself has yet to find a director.

Or it did, until this week. So who is brave enough to tackle this rather specific brand of horror? Why none other than Zach “On The Lot” Lipovsky.

Back in the heyday of reality television…Oh who am I kidding, reality TV has never had a heyday. Moving on, Steven “attached my name to it” Spielberg and Mark “Survivor” Burnett had a reality show by the name of On The Lot, which was aimed at finding the next big director. Lipovsky won one of those seasons (I honestly forget), and has gone on to direct and produce several made for TV movies, as well as a few of those really cheesy SyFy monster flicks.

Now that the film has a director to help bring Harris Wilkinson’s script to life, more details should be emerging later this year. Personally, I’m hoping that Jennifer Aniston makes a cameo.

Last Updated: May 29, 2013

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  1. Really? The WWE guy? That’s a bit of a fall from the dude who played Willow…


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