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Zack Snyder talks about how zombies have sex in Army of the Dead… really

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As was evident in my review, I was not really a fan of Army of the Dead. While the concept for Zack Snyder’s hybrid zombie/heist/action film is cool and there are some solid beats, there are just too many painfully obvious and idiotic plot holes for me to enjoy the movie overall. With this being a zombie action movie, I never expected an award-winning screenplay, but it appears that every single time you stopped to think about any particular scene for longer than 30 seconds, it began to feel like Snyder and his co-writers didn’t think about any particular scene for longer than 30 seconds.

But that’s not wholly true. One aspect of the film I was genuinely intrigued by was the zombie mythology of this world and the intriguing wrinkles Snyder and co thought up. Most of these are centred on Zeus, the prime alpha zombie king who kickstarts this entire apocalypse after escaping military custody and ending up ruling the wasteland of Las Vegas with his zombie queen. A zombie queen, as we subsequently learn after she’s killed, who was pregnant with a weirdly glowing blue zombie fetus (which I will rather not post a pic of because it’s kinda disturbing).

Zombies are supposed to be undead though, essentially walking corpses. So how did they procreate? Turns out, the old fashion way, but “pretty aggressively” as Snyder explained to Esquire.

Well, I believe that some zombie love happened, some sweet zombie lovemaking. I don’t know if it was sweet. It was probably pretty aggressive. My theory is that the zombies in our movie are working toward not needing a human host to procreate their species, if you will. That’s the ultimate evolution. They’re like a better us. I think that’s the fun genre part of it. They’re no longer destroying their environment. They’re not fighting with each other. They’re less bad for everybody. They’re less toxic. Unless you cross them, and then, well, it’s not that good.

Yep, Zack Snyder just Rule 34’d zombies.

Admittedly, the entire angle of how zombies are an evolution of humanity that is actually better for the longevity of the planet is an intriguing one. I just never expected them to evolve to the point of bonking again. To be fair, these are not your average zombies – at least not the “alphas” Zeus and we still don’t know where he came from. That mystery is expected to be explored in the upcoming animated prequel series, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas which is not to be confused with the other live-action rom-com zombie prequel, Army of Thieves, that’s also happening. Maybe one of them will confirm that Zeus was created from extraterrestrial technology, explaining those two UFOs you may have missed in the film’s opening moments (hint: check out the sky as the military convoy leaves Area 51).

Last Updated: June 2, 2021


  1. 😐


  2. cloudzn

    June 2, 2021 at 06:19

    This movie had the potential to revitalize the zombie genre and bring in new concepts but the plot holes, annoying cinematography and Kate let it down so badly and now we have zombie procreation explained ?‍♂️


  3. Iskape

    June 2, 2021 at 07:38

    I guess we’ve all wondered that (Um…yeah…nope! As long as I get giblets when I kill them, I don’t care how they have babies).


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