ZORRO REBORN could finally start shooting in 2016

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Zorro 1

Before there was a Batman, there was Zorro. Dashing! Courageous! Righteous! In many ways, Zorro is better than Batman. He’s got all the skill, all the charm and a tongue as sharp as his sword. And that makes for a cool hero.

Usually, Zorro stories are told in his native timeline, during the expansionist years of the USA and Mexico. But Zorro is the kind of character who could easily fit into other eras of history. Or even the future.


And such a project, was rumoured to be at one point. Zorro Reborn was the name of the flick, which would have planted the swashbuckler people’s hero in a post-apocalyptic future, that had been carved apart by nuclear war, taking on tyrants and presumably carving his infamous Z into their clothing.

That project stalled eventually, but now it looks like Zorro Reborn may be, er, reborn. Per THR, Lantica Media and Sobini Films have now teamed together to finance z reboot, as they plan to get principal photography underway in March 2016 at the Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios.

And you can possibly thank Mad Max: Fury Road for that, as the road warrior made the apocalypse cool again. Of course, seeing is believing. And I’ll only believe this after I get caught up in the marketing hyperbole and proceed to carve a promotional Z in Nick’s chest.

Last Updated: August 19, 2015

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