10 glorious minutes of Brink gameplay

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I’ve been pretty excited about Brink every since I first saw it but never in all this time has it reminded me of one of my favourite retro titles, Quake.

I spent hours of my life in the Quake 1 universe and it’s a place that I really enjoyed and have been pining for ever since.

And strangely enough this video reminds me a lot of the gameplay techniques from those days. I’m not entirely sure what it is because the graphics and guns are entirely different and the agility that is evident in Brink wasn’t really there in Quake.

But the pot shots through small gaps, the verticality of the game and the range of weapons just screams Quake to me which is a very good thing indeed.

It’s not in the same genre as the Call of Duty’s or Gears of War and that’s what makes it even better, I can now have 3 different shooters going at the same time.

Last Updated: April 20, 2011

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