10 screenshots from Dead Island–Zombie Fest

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Dead Island blasted onto our screens with that incredible cinematic trailer that brought huge amounts of raw emotion and cinematic suspense with it.

It single handily changed the notion that we’ve had enough zombie games already and has gotten a lot of people very excited for the chance to smash some more zombie skulls in the near future.

And now to keep that level of excitement we bring you 3 new screenshots to add to our existing 7 from the game including one of a massive zombie in a straight jacket… wtf?

20110317deadisland1 20110317deadisland220110317deadisland3 20110317deadisland0420110317deadisland05 20110317deadisland0620110317deadisland07 20110317deadisland0820110317deadisland09 20110317deadisland10

Last Updated: March 17, 2011

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