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12 new facts about Skyrim

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Skyrim is such a massive title that it seems like Bethesda’s head of PR, Pete Hines, can pretty much keep a constant stream of updates via Twitter and still only scratch the surface of this game.

This latest list of Skyrim features has been posted by gameranx and includes some really good ideas such as their 3 spot autosave system and the fact that they’ve made children invulnerable.

The children thing is just a reminder of how sick society really is as Pete has confirmed that there are indeed children in Skyrim but no you cannot hurt them. I wonder how long it is before someone finds a way to kill the kid as they did in Red Dead Redemption which also had an invulnerable kid and yet someone found a way to take him out.

The next great idea is something Dead Island should have implemented to avoid the bathroom bug, Skyrim will have a 3 slot autosave option where you can change the interval between saves and it will then automatically save into the next subsequent slot. So if you get trapped you can just go back to one of your other saves without having to manage to manually.

The rest of the list is just as interesting and can be seen below.

  • You can save anywhere. We don’t do checkpoints. We now have a 3 autosave system though.
  • Yes, there are children. No, you can’t hurt or kill them.
  • [autosaves] alternates between 3 slots. You set time interval (5, 10, 15, etc) as well as if it saves on sleep, wait, etc.
  • No, there is no hardcore mode.
  • Finishing moves happen randomly. They aren’t under the player’s control whether you see them, or which ones you see.
  • On Music: Yes, there is a lot of everything. There is hours (plural) of music [by Jeremy Soule] here.
  • We don’t do deformable terrain. Creating a beautiful, seamless outdoor world w/ no loads is hard enough as it
  • On crafting enchanted armor and weapons: You can buy them or create them yourself. DIY is certainly cheaper. May or may not be better than what you’ve found.
  • You can put weapons or magic in either hand. You can only equip shields and torches in your left hand. Bows as well.
  • Yes, settings determine how hard enemies are. [Difficulty] adjusts some based on your level and it’s more of a range.
  • Subtitles for everything in the game. As with our previous games.
  • Yes, there is button mapping

Source: Gameranx

Last Updated: September 13, 2011

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  1. Pie

    August 24, 2013 at 17:19

    Finishing Moves can be controlled if your strong or the enemy on low health and your behind hold down left/right Mouse button and you will back stab them


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