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13 seconds of The Division shows progression and customization

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The Division has only been giving info in small doses, presumably to build towards increasing hype early next year. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t getting anything at the moment, but what we are getting probably isn’t as detailed as most excited gamers would like. However, just because the video is fleeting doesn’t mean we can’t mine it for more info.

Here is a tweet from The Division:

At first glance, it looks like the same guy shown during different seasons with vaguely different gear. But let’s look a bit closer with the help of Arekkz:

The most apparent form of progression and upgrade in this video seems to be the backpack and clothing. With bigger bags, players can obviously carry more supplies – from water to ammo, the most stuff you can take with you, the better off you’ll probably be. This is also probably why the final model we see has tons of pouches/saddlebags on him, all the better to carry more loot.

I’m also curious how the clothing will play into the experience. Will weather conditions dictate how long you can survive on the streets before seeking shelter in a safe house? How much effect will beanies, hoodies and face masks make? Will you survive longer out on the streets now that there are no longer any police to misinterpret your wardrobe as threatening? There is still so much to find out about the game, although I’m sure once it enters Beta we will know a whole lot more.

Last Updated: November 25, 2015

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