15 000 Halo: Reach players given swift kick to the nuts

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Why? Well, because they’re dirty cheaters and totally deserve sweet retribution from Bungie. A couple of days ago it was reported that Halo: Reach players had found an exploit that allowed them to harvest loads of credits.

Reach features Challenges that alter from time to time. Completing the Challenges rewards players with credits that can be used to unlock in-game goodies like armour modifications, visor colours and (most importantly) neat features like the Grunt Birthday Party effect for your multiplayer Spartan. The thing is, they’re expensive and consequently people want credits fast.

The exploit made it possible for players to complete the same Challenge over and over, therefore receiving the credit reward multiple times; this was done through “intentional network manipulation (i.e. disconnects)” said Bungie officials.

As many as 15 000 players have been caught doing this by Bungie’s automated Banhammer mechanisms. Those players have since had their credits reset to zero and have been barred from earning credits for a day. Perhaps they’re being let off lightly?

Bungie should have gone for something a little meaner, like permanently altering the offenders’ online Spartan characters with some disfiguring ailment. Or branding them with a big, hot-pink “C” on their helmets ala The Scarlet Letter.

Source: 1Up.com

Last Updated: October 4, 2010

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