2008 Year of the PS3 shooters

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One of the biggest complaints levelled at the Xbox 360 is that it doesn’t have enough depth in games and concentrates solely on first person shooters and the odd sports games.

Well after taking a look at this expected blockbusters from both camps it looks like that criticism is going to have to take a back seat for a while.

Now unless this list is missing something here are the expected major titles for the PS3 this year.

1. MGS 4 – Stealth Shooter
2. GT5P – I just can’t accept that it is not a demo
3. Killzone 2 – Shooter
4. Resistance 2 – Shooter
5. Haze – Shooter
6. LBP – Platforming genre breaking exclusive
7. Home – It’s not even a game…

So that’s it, that is the killer PS3 line up that is 2008 and granted I want 5 out of those 7 titles but I am a FPS nut..

Is this a sad example of how the developers are all moving towards the guaranteed money spinners or am I just missing a huge amount of non-shooting games for the PS3 this year? (Exclusives only)

Last Updated: March 31, 2008

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